Songs we play


(all part PDFs)


Short Robust Playlist without Chords:

  • This little Light of Mine
  • Down by the Riverside
  • This Land is your land
  • We Got that Fire
  • Sesame Street
  • Saints
  • Watermelon Man
  • Mercy Mercy Mercy
  • Chameleon
  • Tequila
  • Second Line

JP Porchfest 2016:

jp-honkband-lyrics-for-2016-jp-porchfest (doc)


playlist doc playlist pdf

WUTE 2016 Lyrics Doc / WUTE 2016 Lyrics PDF

Here are some recent cheat sheets:

(for Somerville Divestment Rally, April 2016, and perhaps beyond)

Proposed multi-band rally setlist

JP Porchfest 2015:

JP-honkband-lyrics-for 2015 JP Porchfest (doc)
JPHonkCheatsheetPorchfest 2015 (doc)
JPHonkCheatsheetPorchfest2015 (pdf)

HONK! Parade 2015:

Setlist for JPHONKFEST PARADE 2015 (pdf)

Climate and Justice Protest Rally, December 2015:

Rally Setlist December 2015 (pdf)

Songs most likely to be played at a gig or parade:

(** means there is sheet music posted somewhere on this site).

Lyrics cheat sheet for HONK parade:  MS Word file  .PDF file

Kirk the tuba player has made this neat page too: Kirk’s Cheat Sheet

Some New Stuff

Here are three songs our friends at School of Honk play, and are good candidates for cross-Honk! stuff

Songs we played in Honkfest 2014 with Conservatory Lab Charter School students:

Try Out Songs

Songs that are deeper in the catalog, not universally loved, still working on, in try out mode, etc:



Some other songs that have been played randomly live, even though we never practice them!

And finally, here’s the venerable book of honk


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