HONK! DisOrchestra: scores for our ~15 minute set

For our (approximately) 15 minutes of fame, the HONK! DisOrchestra Magnifico will play two original arrangements of Italian songs:  “Bella Ciao” (Dm), and “Tarantella Napoletana” (Dm).  We’ll follow these with two HONK! standards as time permits: “Second Line” (key of Bb)  and “When the Saints Go Marching In” (key of F).  Please familiar yourselves with these songs, learn your parts, and play along with the recordings below.

If you want these printed in “flip book” format, set your printer to print them “actual size,” otherwise use “fit to page.”

Bella Ciao & Intro: play-along recording       Bella Ciao song for reference

Bella Ciao – Keys    Bella Ciao Baritone Saxophone    Bella Ciao Basses    Bella Ciao Bb Clarinets    Bella Ciao Bb Trumpet I    Bella Ciao Bb Trumpet II    Bella Ciao Euphonium    Bella Ciao Horn in F    Bella Ciao Alto Sax    Bella Ciao Tenor Saxophone    Bella Ciao Trombone I    Bella Ciao Trombone II    Bella Ciao Violin

Tarantella Napoletana & Intro- play-along recording

Tarantella Baritone Saxophone    Tarantella Bb Clarinets    Tarantella Euphonium    Tarantella Horn in F    Tarantella Alto Sax    Tarantella-Basses    Tarantella Bb Trumpet I    Tarantella Bb Trumpet II    Tarantella-Keyboards    Tarantella-Tenor Saxophone    Tarantella-Trombone I    Tarantella-Trombone II    Tarantella-Violin

(There are some speedy passages in Tarantella, especially in the frenzied ending.  If you find these difficult, just play the notes on the first and 4th beat of each measure.)

“Second Line”  Note: I haven’t had time to fix these scores.  The beginning is misleading, as written. Here’s how it’s gonna go:  First, ONE trumpet player plays the four-note introductory fanfare.  Then the conductor (me or Ed) signals everyone else to hit a concert Bb note.  These things happen a second time.  Then  everyone starts the song, playing an “A A B B A A B B etc. pattern, with solos cued potentially anywhere, until the conductor stops the piece.

Second Line song played in Bb        Second Line for Eb instruments      Second Line for Bb instruments      Second Line for C instruments   Second Line song for reference (in Bb)  

“When The Saints Go Marching In”    Saints- Bb Clarinets   Saints – Baritone Saxophone    Saints – Euphonium    Saints- Horn in F    Saints – Alto Sax    Saints G- Violin    Saints – Basses    Saints- Bb Trumpet I    Saints – Keyboards    Saints – Trombone I    Saints -Tenor Sax


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