HONK! DisOrchestra: Scores for Aida Triumphal Scene

Here are scores for the “Triumphal Scene” from Verdi’s opera, “Aida.”  They were arranged by Chris Schroeder, in collaboration with the Boston Landmarks Orchestra.  The individual parts are not difficult.

Flute (same as Trp. 1)   Horn in F Glockenspiel / Keyboard instruments    Alto Saxophone 1 (same as Horn)    Alto Saxophone 2 (same as Trp. 2)  Tenor Saxophone (same as Tbn.1)  Baritone Saxophone (same as Tuba)   Trombone 1    Trombone 2    Tuba     Trumpet in Bb 1     Trumpet in Bb 2    Trumpet in Bb 3  Euphonium (same as Tuba) Bass Drum     Cymbals   

Here’s an instructional video!        Here’s audio to play along with.        Here’s the full score.

We’ll perform as two groups of musicians, “River” and “Storrow,” corresponding to the left and right sides of the Shell, with some very simple choreography for each group. The scores are the same, except for a “dialogue” early in the performance (only Storrow plays the intro, only Storrow plays part C, only River plays part D).  When learning your part, ignore the “Storrow Band Only / River Band Only” notes, just learn it all.  Groups might be assigned just prior to the performance, and each will have a conductor to shush you at the right time.  There will be three Landmark Orchestra trumpet players joining each group.  Also, please “note” that small notes in the score are “cues” from other sections and are not to be played. Playdontplay


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