Blue Plate Special

“Blue Plate Special” is the title of the short film that writers/producers Andre Puca and Adam Quane are creating.  Adam lives near the Stony Brook stop, heard us playing one Monday and though we would be the perfect band to perform one or more songs they wrote for the film!  All the music in their film will be by local artists.

Charts for the main theme:   Blue Plate Special- combined





mp3 file in the wrong key:


[From Adam:]   Hey Dave,

Attached some charts for you to distribute. Left some expression markings out, but a more staccato/tounged approach in general is the way to go for the melody. Let me know if you want anything else in the sheet music. Hearing a kind of 70’s brassy funk vibe out of this thing. The arrangement does not have to be really tight so don’t worry about playing it with a loose vibe and some improvisation. I think a kind of loud and unpolished sound will actually compliment be the best compliment to it’s usage in the movie (it’s a comedy so the music will kind of “react” to some slapstick humor).




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