Mercy Mercy Mercy (Bb)

We do Mercy, Mercy, Mercy with a tuba intro and end with the same as outro. For the chorus, get soft and then build up.

(Tuba Intro/Outro is Bb Bb, D D, Eb Eb, F F G F)

MercyMercy1.2 – Alto Flute.mus
MercyMercy1.2 – Alto Sax.mus
MercyMercy1.2 – Baritone (B.C.).mus
MercyMercy1.2 – Baritone (T.C.).mus
MercyMercy1.2 – Baritone Sax.mus
MercyMercy1.2 – Flute.mus
MercyMercy1.2 – Glockenspiel.mus
MercyMercy1.2 – Horn in F.mus
MercyMercy1.2 – Piccolo.mus
MercyMercy1.2 – Tenor Sax 1.mus
MercyMercy1.2 – Tenor Sax 2.mus
MercyMercy1.2 – Trombone.mus
MercyMercy1.2 – Trumpet in Bb 1.mus
MercyMercy1.2 – Trumpet in Bb 2.mus
MercyMercy1.2 – Tuba.mus

We play this mid to up tempo (140-ish?)

Mercy Mercy Mercy (Concert) PDF

Mercy Mercy Mercy (Bb) PDF


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