Sweet Georgia Brown (F)


D7       D7       D7       D7

G7     G7     G7     G7

C7     C7     C7     C7

F     C7+     F     Em7 / A7

D7     D7     D7     D7

G7     G7     G7     G7 / A7

Dm     A7     Dm     A7

F E7     Eb7 D7     G7 C7     F7 E7 Eb7     (this is also the ending, stopping on F7)


Repeat as needed. End by substituting an “F” chord for the last (turnaround) measure. The ”     Em7 A7     ” measure and the ”     G7 A7     ” measure means there are two beats for each chord. The turnaround measure has three chords, with two beats on the F7 and one beat each on the E7 and Eb7.

No gal made has got a shade on Sweet Georgia Brown

Two left feet but oh so neat, has Sweet Georgia Brown

They all sigh and wanna cry for Sweet Georgia Brown

I’ll tell you just why, you know I don’t lie… that much


It’s been said she knocks ‘em dead when she lands in town

Since she came why it’s a shame how she coos ‘em down

Fellers, she can’t get enough, fellers, she ain’t met

Georgia claimed her, Georgia named her

Sweet Georgia Brown


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